Social Studies 9


Welcome to a NEW Adventure:  HIgh School!!

Social Studies 9!


I am very excited about this course and the creative adventures that we take on!

My name is Carrie Zunti and this is my fourth year at Bow Valley High School.  Prior to that I was teaching in BC for many years.  Parent and student communication is very important to me.  Every week, I will be posting the week events on this page.  It will be updated every Sunday/Monday night, so please make sure you look at on Sunday or by the latest Monday.  Weekly events will include what activities are planned, quizzes, tests, and when assignments are due, etc. Please also become well aquainted with power school as this is where you can see your child's progress in the class.

Attached you will find the course outline which outlines the course objectives and student responsibilities.

It is imperative that your son/daughter bring a working laptop to school everyday.  This also includes a charger as most students will be using their computer for every class.  Cell phone use is prohibited in the class.  It is a distraction to all students and the teacher.  If the use of a cell phone is required, this will be made at the discretion of the teacher.

Due to unforeseen events such as, school events or discussions taking longer than needed or re-teaching is needed, weekly events will change and students will be notified.

I look forward to our journey together!

Best way to reach me is at:



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September 5-8

Weekly Update:


Tuesday September 5: Advisory Time.  Class introduction.

Wednesday September 6: Class expectations.  Course Outline/Expectations.  "Getting to know you activity".  Personal info sheet.  How to use Moodle.  Teacher website.  Big Ideas of Social Studies-VIDEO

Thursday September 7: Review expectations. Class seating plan. Continue "Getting to Know you Activity." Individual and Collective Identity information and mini assignment.

Friday September 8: Welcome Back Pancake Breakfast.  No formal classes in the morning.  Regular classes resume after lunch.


NEXT WEEK: Individual and Collective Identity and PARLIAMENT!

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Social Studies 9 Course Outline 2017/2018

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Weekly Update September 11-15

A friendly reminder that all students are required to bring a working laptop to class with a charger  and a USB stick.


Weekly Update:


Monday September 11:  Current Events project introduction and sign up sheet.  Review identity.  What is point of view and perspective?  Responding to issues and what makes something an issue.  How to analyze an editorial cartoon.

Tuesday September 12: Source analysis continued.

Wednesday September 13:   Source analysis continued.  Rough copies.  Good copy tomorrow. Introduction to government.  What do you already know?  What is democracy?  How do we compare to other countres?

Thursday September 14: Source analysis paragraph due. Review government.  Continue how we compare to other countres?   Journal assignment.  Sharing. Government note-taking chart.

Friday September 15:  Government note taking chart continued and due.  Current events sign up sheet last day to sign up!

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Weekly Update September 18-22

A parent welcome letter was sent out this week informing parents about class procedures.

It is extremely important that students bring a working laptop with a charger to class everyday.  If students miss any classes, it is up to them to come see about missing work, notes, tests, etc.  I am available Monday to Thursday at lunch.

Weekly Update:


Monday September 18: Homework due: Structure of Canada's government.  Open book quiz.  Group Scavenger hunt.

Tuesday September 19: Group scavenger hunt due.  (half the class will given to this)  What is the Senate?  Research.

Wednesday September 20: What is the Senate?  Research/reading/inquiring continued.

Thursday September 21: Senate continued.  Senate Debate.  Overview on how to write a paragraph.  First paragraph handback.  Discussion.

Friday September 22: Research and paragraph writing.  How to write a thesis. How to write a persuasive paragraph with arguments and supporting evidence.  For homework: Pick a stance, have 3 arguments and 3 evidence to support and a thesis statement written.

Next week:  writing the rough copy.  Good Copy due Wednesday September 27.

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Weekly Update September 25-29

Parent/teacher interview are on Wednesday October 4th from 6-8:30. The conference manager is available on the Bow Valley Website. Please sign up as spaces fill in quickly. If you cannot get an interview spot, please send me an email and we can schedule a meeting on another day that works best for both of us.

Weekly News:


Monday September 25: Senate paragraph planning, writing and editing. This Paragraph is due on Wednesday.

Tuesday September 26: How Canada became a democracy. What is voting? Why is voting important? Why does voter's apathy exist?

Wednesday September 27: Senate paragraphs due. Voter Apathy review. Comparison to to other countries and their voting policies. Political Ideology....what are your beliefs?

Thursday September 28th: Political ideology continued. Political Parties of Canada. Research

Friday September 29th: I am away, another teacher will be filling in for me. Political Parties of Canada Continued

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Weekly Update October 1-5

Reminder:  Students do not have school on Friday October 6, Monday October 9, and Tuesday October 10.

Parent/Teacher interviews are on Wednesday October 4 from 6-8:30.  If you did not get the opportunity to sign up, but want to meet with me, please send me an email and we can schedule a day that works best for both of us.  (Parent/teacher interview hint: if you really need to see a teacher, you need to sign up on the day the conference booking system opens or there is a very likely chance you will not be able to meet with your teacher)


Social Studies News:


Monday October 2: Review Friday's class (political response journal and political parties)

Tuesday October 3: Elections Canada and the Municipal Election

Wednesday October 4: Elections Canada and the Municipal Election

Thursday October 5: What are lobby groups....research and activity


Thursday October 12: Government Quiz (includes: Parliament (all roles and branches), terminology)

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Weekly Update October 11-13

Big things are coming! On Tuesday October 24, Students will be writing their government unit exam.  Study guides are up on power school.  Bonus marks will be given out to students who complete their study guides prior to the exam date.  Some class time will be given for study skills and review.  However, this will not be enough.  Students are expected to study on their own time.  I will be available at lunch for help Monday through to Thursdays.



Newsworthy Events:


Wednesday October 11: Candidate election results.  How a bill becomes law review. Media influence in the government.  Current events review. Study guide review.

Thursday October 12: Review last day.  What are lobby groups? Research and comparison.

Friday October 13: CURRENT EVENTS PRESENTATION: JETT AND DANIKA.  Study skills/review.


**NEXT WEEK** STUDENTS WILL BE preparing for an inclass source analysis that focusses on the Senate.   Students will have Monday to prepare and Tuesday will be their written day.  Students will be allowed to bring in their notes to their test.  All students must have a computer to the write the test.

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Weekly Update October 16-20

New's This Week:


Monday October 16: Lobby groups journal due.  Source Analysis practice and prep for test.

Tuesday October 17: Source Analysis test.  Student's are requred to have a computer and to bring their notes from Monday's class.

Wednesday October 18: Unit 2: Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Collective Rights vs Individual Rights.  Examples/Notes/Discussion

Thursday October 19: Charter of Rights.  Research and analysis.

Friday October 20: Current Events. Jett and Danika.  Study Skills.  Study guide.




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Weekly Update October 23-27

I hope everyone enjoyed the sunshine this weekend!  There are only 12 days left of term 1 and term 2 starts on November 8th.  The week after November 8th, Powerschool will be updated with any new marks and comments will be inputted.  All assignments must be handed in prior to end of term.  Parent/teacher interviews are not held until second week of December.  If you would like to meet anytime before that or send me an email about any questions or concerns please contact me at  This is the quickest way to get a hold of me as I check my emails frequently in the evening after school hours.



It is imperative that students complete all assigned work.  Missing minor assignments or not putting forth full effort and attention to specifics will become very noticable in grades.  In high school, students will struggle if they do minimal work. Work assigned in class mostly can be completed within the given time frame of a class period, however, students are expected to complete work on their own time if needed.   Study guides, preparing for exams, and current events will always be a homework item.  Some class time will be provided for only exam preparation.

As always, I am available at lunch (in my foods room) to provide any extra help with writing, studying, and understanding concepts.  It is the student's responsibility to see me if they have questions, concerns, or need assistance as unfortunately I cannot read minds.

We have started our second unit: Charter of Rights and Freedoms!  Student's will have the opportunity to explore the amazing rights we currently have as Canadian Citizens.  We are also going to jump into history and research some of Canada's darkest moments in dealing with rights of individuals. (Japanese, Women, First Nations, etc)

School Wide News:

****Drama Production****  Just in time before Halloween: The Bone House 14+ show (a horror play about serial killers).  Tickets are available at $10 a piece.  Drama students and the school office are selling tickets.

Newsworthy Information:


Monday October 23: Review Social Studies Concepts.  Will start Charter of Rights if students are ready. (charter of rights research is due today) If the class needs more time to review for exam, it will be given.

Tuesday October 24: Government Unit Exam

Wednesday October 25: Charter of Rights and Freedoms discussion.  Analzying the Charter by looking at real cases.

Thursday October 26: Case study continued and due.  Current issues in rights: religious/cultural clothing, etc...

Friday October 27: Current Events: Danika and Jett,  Cohle, Ben, Lienna.   Charter of Rights and Freedoms: Historical Case Studies if time....or pushed to Mondat (Major assignment)

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Weekly Update October 30-November 3


On Tuesday October 31 Bow Valley will be having their ghoulish Halloween Havoc Extravaganza!  Students are to come dressed up and be prepared to compete against other grade 9's for the sought after Golden Cup!  This event will occur during block 2.  Social Studies is the first block of the day and regular class will occur.

Last day of Term 1 is Tuesday November 7th.   All work must be submitted prior to this date.  Updated marks and comments will be submitted by the following Tuesday.  Please expect to receive a print out of your child's progress in the class the week of  November 14.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.  You do not have to wait for Parent/Teacher conferences in December.


Weekly Update:


Monday October 30: Historical Case Studies:  Japanese Interment Camps, Women's Suffrage, and Indian Act.

Tuesday October 31: Historical Case Studies continued

Wednesday November 1: TAKE YOUR KID TO WORK DAY!~ Students need to have their form handed in to the office ASAP.  Any students who are not participating will be required to complete a research and personal response assignment at school that will be a major component of their CALM 9 grade.

Thursday November 2: Collective Rights Review.  Language Laws: Bill 101.  Quebec laws.  Anti-Terroism Bill

Friday November 3: Case Studies Due.  Current events: Katie.  Loop hole in the Charter of Rights Singh Vs Canada


Important Dates:

Historical Case Studies due Friday November 3.

Charter of Rights and Freedoms Quiz: Monday November 6

Source Analysis Planning November 8.

Source Analysis written test (bring in planner) November 9.  Computers a must.  Using Quest A+

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Weekly Update November 6-November 10

Last week of Term 1!  Term 2 starts on Wednesday.  Students can see their schedule on Power School.  A paper copy will be given out on Wedneday morning.  All assignments must be submitted to me by Tuesday/Wednesday to earn credit for their course.

Final Marks and comments, for term 1, will be posted on Power School by Friday November 10th.  If you have any questions or conerns, please contact me via  We can set up a meeting day or a phone call.  You do not have to wait for parent/teacher interviews.


What's in the News:


Monday November 6: Review language rights and Bill 101.  Journal response.  Notes on First Nations of Canada.

Tuesday November 7: Notes continued on First Nations: Indian Act and the Metis.  Bill c-51 (anti-terrorism law)  LAST DAY TO SUBMIT WORK

Wednesday November 8: Review and source analysis planning

Thursday November 9: Source Analysis test on Quest A+  Students are required to bring a computer to this class.

Friday Novemver 10: No formal Social Studies Class due to Remembrance Day assembly.


Unit 3: Youth Criminal Justice System.

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Weekly Update November 13-17

Term 2 has officially started!  We have 9 weeks left of semester 1!  Half way there!

On Friday, progress reports were sent home detailing assignments, marks, and comments were included.  If you have any questions or concerns and would like to meet me with me prior to parent/teacher interviews in December, please send me an email at


What's in the News:


Monday November 13:  NO SCHOOL.  Proffessional Development day

Tuesday November 14: Charter of Rights test.  Study Guides due today.  Introduction to Immigration reading and worksheet

Wednesday November 15: Immigration continued. Video. REAding and worksheet.

Thursday November 16: Immigration continued. Review.  Would you pass the immigration test?  Your parents?  Chinese Head tax.

Friday November 17: Chinese Head tax continued.  Current Events: Max and Owen

Next WeeK: Start YCJA and Current Events: Connor E, Connor Gibson, and Wilson

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Weekly Update November 20-24

Immigration unit will be completed this week and student's will start the YCJA.


Newsworthy Information:


Monday November 20: Immigration 67 point test, review and due.  Immigrant scenarios.  Chinese Head Tax... questions and journal entry.

Tuesday November 21: Journal entry due.  Video:  Understanding the Teenage Brain.  YCJA Notetaking 1 and 2.

Wednesday November 22: Notetaking due/continued.  Review.  YCJA summary, reading and self quiz.

Thursday November 23:  Jury Duty

Friday November 24: Current Events:  Connor G, Connor G, Wilson.  Jury Duty Review.  Victim Rights.

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Weekly Update November 27-December 1

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!  Sunday was a beautiful day!

On Wednesday December 6th, is Parent/Teacher interview night.  If you were unable to get a meeting with me, please send me an email: to schedule one before 6 that day, or to schedule for another day!  I would love to meet all of you!

Unit Final Exam: Immigration and YCJA on Thursday December 7th.



What's in the News:


Monday November 27: Review YCJA, be the judge scenarios.  Jury Duty and victim rights

Tuesday November 28: Advocacy groups.  YCJA articles of Canadian Youth Criminals (minor to violent crimes)

Wednesday November 29: YCJA articles continued: discussion.   YCJA planner for persuasive essay.

Thursday November 30: YCJA planner continued. Study for Exam.

Friday December 1: Current Events. Study for Exam.


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December 4-8

Parent/teacher interviews are on Wednesday December 6th. I am fully booked, however, if you would like to meet with me, please send me an email, and I will schedule another day/time that works best for both of us.

Hungry Hungry Hampers:

It has been a tradition at Bow Valley High School to assist families within our school and those families whose childern will be coming to our school.  Every student at the school has been asked to bring in an item of need, whether that is a food item, household neccessities, gift cards, or Christmas presents for the family members.  Each student has a class that will sponsor a family.  Within that class there is a sign up sheet of what a student is able to give.  I know Christmas can be hard on many families, that is why the Leadership team also promotes "gift of time."  If you are unable to provide an item, volunteering time is also needed! (packaging up the products, delivering products, etc)  If you need more information the person to contact is Mr. Scott Thompson:


What's in the News:


Monday December 4: Continue YCJA Case Study articles.  Discussion.  YCJA Essay Planner

Tuesday December 5: Essay Planner continued

Wednesday December 6: Economics INTRODUCTION: CAPTIALISM VS SOCIALIMS.  Last 30 minutes review for unit exam

Thursday December 7: YCJA/Immigration Unit Exam.

Friday December 8: Current Events. Economics Continued/review.  ESSAY PLANNER DUE

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Weekly Update December 11-15

2 more weeks until the holidays!

Final exam schedule is posted on the school website.  Social Studies PAT is on Monday January 22, 9am-12.  This exam accounts for 15% of the student's mark.  If there are any concerns about the PAT these concerns must be directed to Administration: Amanda Schultz or Rob Kimura.

Students are encouraged to use all study guides to prepare for this exam and use the exam prep that is available on the moodle shell.  There, students have access to 4 previous grade 9 PATS to practice.


What's in the News:


MONDAY DECEMBER 11: Current event presentations. (Jordan, Abagail, Sierra, and Alexa) Government notes due.  Profit before people articles and journal.

TUESDAY DECEMBER 12: Capitalism vs Socialism Notes.  Adam Smith vs Karl Marx

WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 13: Industrialization/child labour.  Factors of Production

THURSDAY DECEMBER 14: Consumerism Case Study (this is a cross-over assignment that is a mandatory component of CALM)

FRIDAY DECEMBER 15: Mrs. Furman is in for me .  Continuing Consumerism Case Study.  DUE ON MONDAY DECEMBER 18TH.

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Weekly Update December 18-22

Last week before the holiday break!  Everyone is so excited!  Through all this excitement, many students are starting to slow down and not complete assignments.  It is very important to keep going through as when we get back from the holiday break, there will only be 2 weeks left of the semester!


SOCIAL STUDIES FINAL EXAM IS ON MONDAY JANUARY 22 AT 9 AM. My classrooms will be open everday at lunch for students who need extra study help.  On the moodle there are links to study guides and to previous PAT's for students to practice on.  Students will be expected to study on their own and they should start organizing and review documents now.  There will be some class time during the last week before break for some study sessions.


Whats's in the News this Week:


Monday December 18th:  Consumerism Case Study.  Review/Update... due tomorrow.  TED Talk video.  My blue print journal response and upload assignment.  Labour Unions.

Tuesday December 19th: Consumerism Case Study due.  Consumerism Widget Game

Wednesday December 20th: Crown Corporations and environment.

Thrusday December 21st: Introduction to MAJOR ECONOMICS ASSIGNMENT.

Friday December 22nd: Holiday Fun day.

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Weekly Update January 8-19 (2 weeks)



I hope everyone had a well-rested holiday!  I sure did despite those cold weather snaps we had!  There are a total of 10 school days left before final exams and the end of the semester!  Students should be working hard extremely hard for those last 10 days.... finishing assignments, preparing for their final exam, and paying attention in class!


1.  I will not be accepting any late or past due assignments after Friday January 19th.  This is the last day for Social Studies. Once the class is over, it is over.  It is the student's responsibility to make sure they are handing assignments in on time.  If student's are away, it is their responsibility to come see me for catch up work.  Regardless of absences, forgetfulness, or poor work ethic students will receive a ZERO for incomplete work.


1.  Final Social Studies exam is on MONDAY JANUARY 22 AT 9am. Please make sure you arrive early and be prepared with the following: pencil, eraser, and student ID card.  Students will be writing in the gym or in classrooms.  Place of writing is designated by last name and this will be posted on the day of the exam.

2.  CELL PHONES, MUSIC PLAYERS, HEAD PHONES, BACKPACKS, HATS, AND COMPUTERS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE EXAM ROOM.  Students will not be allowed to write their exam until these items are put away.  Extra time will not be given for students who have difficulty in following the school's exams regulations.

3. Busses will be running at the regular times (morning and afterschool pick up).  THEY DO NOT RUN WHEN EXAMS END.  So if your child is done their exam at 11 am.  They must wait at the school for bus pick up at 3:30 unless they choose to get home on their own (walk, friends, parents pick up, etc).  The den and the library and some classes will be open for students who want to study for other exams for the entire exam week.

4.  Social Studies preparation for the exam is on the moodle site.  There are multiple study guides and 4 practice PAT exams.  Students will be given a practice exam on Thursday January 18th.  This exam will be worth marks, but only classifed in the quizzes category as per course outline. This quiz will be a tool for students to see where they need to concentrate on their studying.

5.  Students are expected to study and prepare for their exam on their own time.  I am available everyday at lunch.  Students need to come see me so they know what room I will be in.  There will be from 1 to a maximum of 2 days of class devoted to study prep.


1.  Wednesday January 31st is the start of Semester 2 and Term 3!  On this day, student's will receive a new course outline. Their core and elective schedule can also be found on PowerSchool.




Monday January 8th: Welcome back!  Review Project.  Start and finish questions and business planner.

Tuesday January 9th: Project part of the class.  Other part economy and environment

Wednesday January 10th:  Project part of the clas oher part economy and environment

Thursday January 11th: Project.

Friday January 12th: Finishing final touches of project.  Due Monday January 15th.  Current Events: Jesse/Kelbi.


Monday January 15th: Project presentations.

Tuesday January 16th: Project presentations continued if needed.  Canadian Social Programs.

Wednesday January 17th: Canadian Social Programs.  Economy Review.  Any missing CALM 9 assignments must be completed

Thursday January 18th: Practice PAT.  Studying for Exam.

Friday January 19th: Studying for exam.  Any missing current event presentations will occur here.

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