Social Studies 9


Welcome to a NEW Adventure:  HIgh School!!

Social Studies 9!


I am very excited about this course and the creative adventures that we take on!

My name is Carrie Zunti and this is my fourth year at Bow Valley High School.  Prior to that I was teaching in BC for many years.  Parent and student communication is very important to me.  Every week, I will be posting the week events on this page.  It will be updated every Sunday/Monday night, so please make sure you look at on Sunday or by the latest Monday.  Weekly events will include what activities are planned, quizzes, tests, and when assignments are due, etc. Please also become well aquainted with power school as this is where you can see your child's progress in the class.

Attached you will find the course outline which outlines the course objectives and student responsibilities.

It is imperative that your son/daughter bring a working laptop to school everyday.  This also includes a charger as most students will be using their computer for every class.  Cell phone use is prohibited in the class.  It is a distraction to all students and the teacher.  If the use of a cell phone is required, this will be made at the discretion of the teacher.

Due to unforeseen events such as, school events or discussions taking longer than needed or re-teaching is needed, weekly events will change and students will be notified.

I look forward to our journey together!

Best way to reach me is at:



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Social Studies 9 Course Outline 2017/2018

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Weekly Update January 31-Feb 2

A friendly reminder that all students are required to bring a working laptop to class with a charger  and a USB stick.


Weekly Update:


Wednesday January 31: Course Outline.  Class expectations.  Moodle course.  Text book.  Student information sheet.  Introduction to Socials Studies 9.    2 truths and one lie activity.  What is identity?  Factors?  Worksheet.

Thursday February 1: Seating Plan.  Introduction to Social Studies 9. What is identity? Factors? worksheet.  Point of View vs perspectives. REsponding to issues.  Analyzing editorial cartoon.

Friday February 2:   Source analysis continued.  Rough copies.  Good copy Monday.   Current events sign up. Introduction to government.  What do you already know?  What is democracy?  How do we compare to other countries?

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Weekly Update Monday February 5-9

First three days of being introduced to classroom routines, moodle, and a first written assignment are now done!  We now move onto full curriculum studies.

It is imperative that your son/daughter has a working and charged computer to complete this course. It is very difficult to have optimal success without a computer.  If your son/daughter's computer is not working well, have them bring it to Mr. Goss our computer technologist at lunch.

Students can access the textbook online or they can sign one out at the library.  Students will not be issued a new textbook until all semester 1 textbooks have been returned!

What's in the News:


Monday February 5th: Texting Source Analysis due today.  Introduction to Government note taking sheet.  This sheet will be for homework.

Tuesday February 6th: Government note-taking chart due.  Pop Open book quiz on homework.  Intro to Canada's democracy/constitution and how we compare to other countries. Journal and 3 questions due tomorrow.

Wednesday February 7th: Journal due. Review Constitution of Canada.  Notes on roles of officials.  Parliament of Canada Website search/journal.  Exploring Canada's Consittution.

Thursday February 8th:  REVIEW.   Introduction to the Senate. Problems and research

Friday February 9th: Introduction to Current Events.    More Senate research.  How to write a proper paragraph.  Start rough copies




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Weekly Update February 12-16

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!  The snow just keeps on coming!  The snow and weather does give you the excuse to stay warm and bundled in your home while watching the Olympics!  Go Canada Go!

We are now in the full swing of full course work!  Students are still having difficulties bringing a computer to class and making sure it is charged.  When students do not come prepared for Social Studies they waste valuable class time to get work completed resulting in a great deal of homework.

It is the student's responsibility to catch up on all missing class work due to absences.  I will remind students what they need to accomplish and due dates.  I am always available during lunch to assist all students.



What's in the News:


Monday February 12th: Continue Senate research.  Discuss findings.   What is a persuasive paragraph?  How to write a thesis statement.  Start Planners. For homework.

Tuesday February 13th: PLanners finish/due.  Start Rough Copy/Good copy.

Wednesday February 14th: Last day to work on Senate paragraphs.  Review how a bill becomes law.

Thursday February 15th:  How Canada is a democracy.  voter apathy.  Political Ideology.  How do you think politically?  What party coincides with your beliefs?   Political Parties of Canada.

Friday February 16th: GOOD COPY OF SENATE PARAGRAPHS DUE.  Last day to sign up for Current Events.  Quiz on first 2 1/2 weeks of class.  Continue political parties of Canada.

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Weekly Update February 27-March 2

Welcome Back!  I hope everyone had a restful and awesome break!  We have a busy March month ahead of us!  Open house is on Thursday March 1st from 6-8.  Parent/teacher interviews are on Wednesday March 7th from 6-8:30 pm.  (If you are unable to get a time slot, please contact me ASAP and I will open up new times to accomodate you!) Grease Musical is on March 22-24th at the Cochrane Ranche House, and we will be having a range of noon hour activities to celebrate March Madness!  Last day of classess before Spring Break is Thursday March 29th.


What's in the News:


Monday February 26th: No School.  Teacher directed meetings all day

Tuesday February 27th: Last day for extremely late Senate Paragraphs. (11 days overdue).  Review.  What are political beliefs and where do they come from: Political Ideology/spectrum.  Journal response.  Introduction to Political Parties of Canada

Wednesday February 28th: Political Parties of Canada Continued.

Thursday March 1st:  Bow Valley High Open House.  Review.  How elections work. Representation by population.  Majority vs minority.  Introduction to Media.

Friday March 2nd: Media Influence continued.



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Weekly Update March 5-9

I hope everyone enjoyed the crazy amount of snow we had!  Still waiting on that Spring!

Parent/Teacher interviews are on Wednesday march 7th from 6-8:30.  Please sign up if you have not already done so.  If there are no time slots available or if you would like to meet on another day, please contact me via

IMPORTANT:  Students have been given a study guide and informed about their upcoming Unit exam on Thursday March 15th.  Students need to start reviewing 15 minutes a night.  There are practice test questions on the moodle sight, study guides, and study hints.  Students who complete a study guide will be awarded bonus marks!


What's in the News:


Monday March 5th: Political Parties Research due.  Introduction to Lobby groups.

Tuesday March 6th: Lobby groups continued.

Wednesday March 7th: Media and their affect on government.

Thursday March 8th: Media if needed.  Study hints/skills.  Working on study guide

Friday March 9th: Study for Unit Exam.



Monday: Government Source Analysis practice

Tuesday: In-class Source Analysis paragraph (written on Quest A+)

Wednesday: Study/Review Period.  Going over PAT questions.

Thursday: Unit Exam

Friday: First Current Events: Hannah and Ethan.  Introduction to Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


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Weekly Update March 12-16

Monday is a PD day!  Enjoy yourself.

Grease Musical is on Thursday March 22, Friday March 23, and Saturday March 24.  All shows are at 7pm with an afternoon show at 2pm on Saturday.  You can buy tickets at the door or at the school.  Performances are at the Cochrane Ranchehouse.

On Wednesday March 14th block 3 classes are cancelled due to an amazing guest speaker we have coming in to talk to the entire school!


What's in the News:


Monday March 12: No school.  Teacher PD day

Tuesday March 13: Source analysis planning and study period

Wednesday March 14: Source analysis in-class written test (students can bring their planner-cheat sheet-to the test)

Thursday March 15: Government Unit Exam

Friday March 16: Hannah and Ethan C. current events presentation.  Introduction to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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Weekly Update March 19-March 23

We have two weeks left until spring break!  Last day of classes is Thursday March 29th.  School resumes on Tuesday April 10th.

I will be away on Wednesday March 28th and Thursday March 29th as I am a chaperone for the School Japan Trip.  I will have a Mrs. Furman come in to look after my classes.  Students will be working on and finishing their Historical Case Studies project.

Stay tuned for upcoming information about a field trip to the Glenbow Museum in April.

GREASE will be performing at the Cochrane Ranchhouse on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7pm.  There is one afternoon show at 2pm on the Saturday.  You buy tickets at the office.


What's in the News:


Monday March 19: Kindness day in the Library and through out the school.  Review of rights.  Difference between individual and collective rights.   Inquiry: Vaccines.   Intro to the Charter

Tuesday March 20: Charter of Rights and Freedoms analysis and notetaking

Wednesday March 21: Charter of Rights continued and Video Analysis

Thursday March 22: Charter of Rights video analysis continued

Friday March 23: Current Events.  Peoples rights in the news.

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