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It is not because things are difficult we do not dare: It is because we do not dare they are difficult. Seneca Roman dramatist, philosopher, and politician (5BC - 65 AD)

Off Campus Education

To find resources relating to all of Mr. Reece's Off Campus programming under the heading "Off Campus Education CHS/BVHS" on the RVS Moodle Site. Please contact Mr. Reece by email for the enrollment key.

I have included resources such as program descriptions, web links, journal assignments, and prerequisite information.

I can be reached at greece@rvschools.ab.ca

or on my cell phone at 587-888-5610.

My school schedule varies but I generally keep office hours on Mondays.


Parent Tips:

Parents please follow the tips below to ensure your child has success in the One to One program.

  • Make sure your child's laptop has the most recent software updates (ie. Mac OSX, Windows, or ChromeOS).
  • Make sure your child brings his/her laptop to school everyday.
  • Make sure your child charges their laptop every night.
  • Make sure you child has an Anti-Virus software on their laptop.
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