Bow Valley High School Guidance Department

Guidance Counsellors at Bow Valley


Guidance Counsellors at Bow Valley High School complement and support student success in school  by offering consultative and collaborative services to students, parents and outside support services.  The services outlined below are a sample of what will be offered through both individual and group processes.


Mrs. West - Guidance Counsellor for Grade 9 & 10

To book an appointment with Mrs. West please see guidance office.

Students may self-book appointments via the Guidance space.

Mr. Reece - Guidance Counsellor for Grade 11 & 12

To book an appointment with Mr. Reece please see guidance office.

Pandemic procedures to access counsellors:

please email to set up a telephone or Zoom counselling session

Grades 9-10-

Grades 11-12-

Why do students access guidance support?

There are many reasons for students to access guidance support in school.  Each and every student has unquie needs, and as a guidance team we strive to meet the needs of each individual student in order to achieve success inside and outside of school.  Below is a list of common reasons for students to access guidance services:

Community Financial Support Information:

Click here to view Community Financial Resources



  • High school planning and programming
  • Timetabling for student success
  • On-going individual academic support
  • Post-secondary programs' information
  • Student advocacy
  • Conversion of out of country and out of province transcripts
  • Career exploration
  • Scholarship support/guidance
  • Track and provide support for at risk students
  • Develop and monitor graduation list for grade 12 students


  • Short term solution focused counselling and urgent crisis counselling are offered. Students requiring ongoing counselling are requested to call Access Mental Health to ensure a continuity of care (403)943-1500
  • Relationship counselling (peer, teacher, parent, and family)
  • Social/Emotional
  • Mediation Resolution
  • Referrals when needed to outside agencies
  • Consultation with parents
  • Grief Counselling
  • Depression Issues
  • Anxiety Issues
  • Career
  • Career Exploration


Supports during COVID-19


If you are feeling stressed or anxious and want help, please call:

Distress Centre: 403-266-HELP (4357) (24-hour crisis line)


Community Links will continue to support residents within North Rocky View Region including Airdrie, Beiseker, Irricana, Crossfield and surrounding North Rocky View County. The following are adjustments being made to existing programming in light of the COVID-19:  Please call either 403 945 3900 or 1-866-945-3905 to find out about our: Intake Services—we are here to help via phone

FCSS main line for families experiencing crisis or needing supports: 403-851-2250

Cochrane Helps

Kids Help Phone-1-800-668-6868

Alberta Health Services Resources:

Canadian Mental Health Association

Talking to children about the pandemic

Problem solving during the pandemic

Coping with social distancing

How to cope with the media- triggering headlines


  • Alberta Health Services
  • Cochrane Addiction & Mental Health: 1-877-652-4700 
    • Therapy focused on concerns such as abuse, violence, grief, stress, aging, relationships, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and mental illness.
    • Offers walk-in, as well as long-term sessions.
    60 Grande Boulevard
    Intake line: 1-877-652-4700

  • Emergency Prescriptions
  • Distress Centre (24 hours): 403-266-HELP (4357)
  • Mental Health Helpline
    • Provides confidential, anonymous services associated with crisis intervention, information and referrals.
    Ph: 1-877-303-2642 (24-hour helpline)
  • ConnecTeen
    • 24-Hour information and support for teens via phone, text, chat or email.
    Ph: 1-403-264-TEEN (8336) – 24 hour crisis line
    Text: 587-333-2724



  • Food hamper requests: 403-851-2250
  • Meals for Your Freezer: 403-851-2250
  • St. Andrews Church lunch to go on Tuesdays (12-1pm): 403-932-2585
  • Pet food assistance: 403-932-2072


  • COLT: 403-851-5995

Expressive Arts Coping

As a complimentary way to access guidance services and to cope during this time: please take some time in your day to use the arts to process the experience we find ourselves in. You may use different forms of art to express your gratitude for things that are going well or the way that you are coping during this difficult time.

Some sample ways to use the arts: iPhone photo essays, take images of the way you are dealing with this, take images of things that you are grateful for and images of some beauty in your day. Use your creativity to edit your photo to match your mood and message. For example, change the saturation, colors, use filters to express your feelings

Do a painting or a drawing at least once a day, even a sketch of your surroundings. Use any media available to you.

Record a song that you played on an instrument or vocals.

Make a short movie.

Art helps us process experiences in a healthy grounded way as a form of mindfulness, like meditation. The focus is on how you work through your art so don’t focus on the final product.

As counsellors, we would love to see your art! We can even have a follow up counselling session on Zoom to discuss what’s on your mind and to discuss your future plans. Please reach out!


Grades 9-10- Mrs. West


Grades 11-12- Mr. Reece


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