Student Absences

Regular attendance is extremely important to enable a student to achieve the highest possible standing relative to his/her abilities. SECTION 12 of the School Act states "a student shall attend school regularly and punctually." Responsibility for attendance at school lies with the student and his/her parents.
In order to support student attendance the following will occur:
At 5% (six absences in a five credit course or three absences in a three credit course):

  • parents/ guardians will be advised with a letter mailed home.
  • At 10% (twelve absences in a five credit course or six absences in a three credit course):
  • parents/ guardians will be advised with a letter mailed home
  • the Assistant Principal will interview the student and in discussion with a parent/guardian determine a plan of action
  • At 15% (eighteen absences in a five credit course or nine absences in a three credit course):
  • high school students may forfeit the right to attend that class. A decision will be made as to whether or not the student will lose his/her credits or be allowed to write the final exam. In making this decision, the number of excused and unexcused absences will be reviewed. Special consideration will be given to students with serious medical conditions under the care of a physician documented with a medical certificate.

Additionally students with chronic attendance issues may be subject to detentions, suspensions, referral to the Rocky View Attendance Officer or the forfeiture of credits and the right to attend class. Concerns regarding attendance, tardiness and laggardness will be dealt with in concert with the student, parents, teachers and school administration.


  1. An absence occurs when a student misses a class, with the exception of school sponsored activities such as field trips. Students away on approved school activities will be marked excusably absent.
  2. Parents must phone the school to report excused absences (932-9005 – 24 hours a day). Telephone calls from students are not acceptable. Parents are required to phone in advance of the absence if possible; on the day of the absence is acceptable: NO later then 24 hours after the absence is still acceptable. An absence not called in by parents within 24 hours will be considered unexcused.

Students are responsible for missed work due to absences. The student must make arrangements to meet with the teacher, at the teacher’s convenience, to discuss missed work.

A student will be marked absent by the teacher if the student is more than 20 minutes late for the class unless the student produces a medical certificate.
Independent students excusing their own absences MUST notify the office PRIOR to the absence occurring.

If a student is absent from an examination, it will result in a zero unless the absence is excused.

It is also expected that students attend all their required classes if they are in attendance at the school. Teachers could also expect that once students arrive for a given class that they would remain in attendance for the duration of that class unless otherwise dismissed.

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