Staff and Student Printing Guide

Printing System is NEW as of March 8, 2021 Please delete all OLD BV printers from your device as they will not work.


Printing via Chrome Browser - Printers are already installed through Google Admin. YOU MUST BE SIGNED INTO YOUR @RVSCHOOLS.AB.CA School account for the printers to show up.  If RVS-PRINT isn't your default printer, Choose See More from the drop down and choose RVS-PRINT. Click on this link for more information

If they above instructions for chrome printing do not work, you can follow this link to print from a web browser.

If you would like to add the printer directly to your device please foLlow the instructions below for yuor device. The installers can only be installed at school.

Windows: http://pcmobility:9163/client-setup/windows.html

Printing instructions for PC Laptop. Click this link for more information

Android: Download Mobility Print from the App Store and login with user credentials

To print use RVS print (PC Mobility)

IOS: http://pcmobility:9163/client-setup/ios.html - Install Papercut Profile on IOS device

To print use RVS print (PC Mobility)

MacOS: http://pcmobility:9163/client-setup/macos.html

Install PaperCut Mobility PrintLink to Instructions
NOTE:  Ignore the warning about harmful download.  After install, the file is okay to trash
    This will install 4 printers, but not all are needed at Bow Valley
      RVS Print: Generic Print all (Use this)
        RVS Print – BYPASS TRAY (Use for labels, etc in by-pass)
        If you add the individual printers (you can choose bypass tray via the specific printer section (in self service
          RVS PRINT – CANON: (DELETE this)
            RVS PRINT – LEXMARK: (DELETE this)

            To print use RVS print (PC Mobility)

            When you print to RVS-PRINT it will ask you for a username and password, enter your moodle username without and your moodle password.

            To release your print jobs you may go to any printer. You must first set you pin. You can set your pin on any of the printers and it is good to use on all printers. Set it once and it's done for all printers. To set your PIN, Please follow the instructions in the link below or see the instructions at the printer.


            To setup your student pin on the copier, click on this link.


            If you need to change your PIN, click on this link




            If you run out of print credits please ask your teacher to submit a service request on your behalf

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